Senteurs pour la salle de bain

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Senteurs pour la salle de bain

There are many air fresheners on the market which are specifically designed for bathrooms, but many of these contain artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. If you’re looking for a more natural way to scent your bathroom, essential oils are a good alternative.

Read on to find out more about how you can use essential oils in your bathroom.  


Huiles essentielles antibactériennes pour la salle de bain

Studies have shown that many essential oils exhibit antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Essential oils which are particularly effective in killing and preventing bacteria, mould and mildew include lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint and sweet orange.

These oils are great for use in cleaning sprays, keeping your bathroom smelling fresh whilst maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. If you’re looking to minimise the chemicals you use in your bathroom, give these essential oils a try.


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Des huiles essentielles pour que votre salle de bain sente bon

The essential oils you’ll choose to scent your bathroom will depend on your own personal preferences.

If you like a bright, citrus scent, try blending lemongrass, bergamot, sweet orange and grapefruit oils. If you prefer a clean and fresh aroma, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and lemongrass is a great essential oil combination. Try experimenting with different quantities of each oil until you discover your signature bathroom scent.

If you’d prefer a ready-made blend of essential oils to create a calming and refreshing atmosphere in your bathroom, you’ll love volant’s Spa blend. Combining eucalyptus, geranium, bergamot and lime, the Spa blend offers antibacterial properties with a revitalising aroma. 


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Huiles essentielles relaxantes pour la salle de bain

The bathroom is also a place to relax, where many people look forward to a soak in a warm bath as their downtime.

There are many essential oils to choose from when you’re looking to relax in your bathroom. Lavender, the most common of all essential oils, is known for its relaxing and stress-relieving properties. Lavender essential oil has also been proven to promote sleep, enabling you to look forward to a restful night.

Another blend of essential oils which is great for promoting relaxation and helping you to let go of any stress is the combination of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils. Adding these uplifting essential oils to your bath or diffusing them in the bathroom can help you to wind down after a difficult day and lift your mood when you need it most. As well as being great for stress relief, these oils also have antibacterial and antifungal properties, making them ideal for use in your bathroom.

Find out more about essential oils to help you to relax here.


Huile essentielle bio de lavande
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Utiliser un diffuseur d'huiles essentielles dans votre salle de bain

Using an aromatherapy diffuser is a great way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. You can either use a reed diffuser, topping it up with essential oils when required, or you can choose to use an electric diffuser when you’re looking for an extra fresh smell. This is particularly useful when you’re entertaining guests.

It goes without saying that you should take extra care using an electric diffuser in your bathroom. Electricity can pose a danger when near water so be sure to keep your diffuser away from the sink and remove it from the room before taking a bath or shower.

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Huiles essentielles pour votre baignoire

Adding essential oils to your bathing routine adds that extra bit of luxury whilst helping to promote relaxation. Before adding essential oils into your bath, you’ll need to mix them with a carrier oil. Mix a few drops of your chosen blend of essential oils into a carrier oil such as jojoba, sweet almond or coconut oil. Add this to your bath just before climbing in.

For a luxurious bathing experience, you can also massage your oil mixture into your skin before climbing into the bath. This will allow the oil to absorb into the skin, allowing for maximum effect.

The most common essential oils to add into a bath include lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus or ylang ylang. If you’re looking for a ready-made aromatherapy blend, volant’s Relax blend is ideal. This combines the soothing scents of palmarosa, ylang ylang, eucalyptus and grapefruit for ultimate relaxation


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Spray pour douche énergisant

If you’re not a bath lover, why not try adding essential oils into your morning shower to help wake you up and energise you for the day ahead?

Put half a cup of water into a clean empty spray bottle and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils. We love the energising aromas of volant’s Energy blend of essential oils. This contains a mix of sweet orange, grapefruit, lime and bergamot to give you the jumpstart you need to begin your day.

You could also try adding a dash of eucalyptus, peppermint or tea tree essential oils for added antibacterial properties to keep your shower smelling fresh and clean.


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Fabriquez votre propre spray nettoyant aux huiles essentielles

Most bathroom cleaners contain harsh chemicals which have their own associated risks. You can replace this with a homemade essential oil cleaning spray to clean your bathroom in a way which is more environmentally friendly and less toxic.

It’s easy to make a natural bathroom cleaning spray. You’ll need a clean, empty spray bottle. Simply mix together one cup of water, one cup of white vinegar and ten drops of essential oil in the bottle and give it a shake.

Ideal essential oils for your cleaning spray include tea tree, lime, orange and lemon. These essential oils have antibacterial properties, making them effective for cleaning. Try combining different oils together to find your ideal fragrance.  


Contrôlez les odeurs de vos toilettes

No one wants their toilet to smell unclean. Try adding a drop of eucalyptus or tea tree toil into the toilet bowl after each flush or before you welcome visitors into your home.

The next person to use the toilet will be pleasantly surprised by its odour-absorbing abilities, and your bathroom will stay smelling fresh and clean.


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Créez un désodorisant caché

There often aren’t many places in your bathroom where you could hide an air freshener, so it’s likely to be on display wherever you position it. However, we have the solution.

Try adding a drop of your favourite essential oil onto the inside of your toilet roll. No one will know it’s there, yet the scent will slowly disperse around your bathroom, giving it a fresh and pleasant aroma.

The essential oil you’ll choose for this is a personal choice. However, we particularly like using citrus-based oils such as lime, grapefruit or sweet orange.  


Spray pour salle de bain fait maison

There are many air freshening sprays for your bathroom on the market. However, most of these contain harsh and toxic chemicals which can be damaging for both your health and the environment.

You can make your own bathroom spray for a fraction of the cost, with all-natural ingredients. Simply fill a clean, empty spray bottle with water and add ten drops of your favourite essential oils. We recommend grapefruit, bergamot and lime for a fruity scent.

You can adjust the quantity of essential oils to the strength you desire. Try experimenting with different combinations to find your perfect bathroom scent.  

Fabriquez votre propre nettoyant pour toilettes aux huiles essentielles

Most toilet cleaners contain ingredients such as hydrochloric acid and chlorine. These chemicals might be great at cleaning and disinfecting your toilet, but they have a strong, unnatural scent. What if there was a solution that cleans your toilet effectively but smells great at the same time?

You can make your own essential oil toilet cleaner by combining white vinegar and baking soda with an essential oil such as lemon or tea tree oil. This will leave your toilet smelling fresh and natural, whilst avoiding the harsh and toxic chemicals typically found in shop-bought toilet cleaners. 


Huile essentielle bio de citron
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Créez votre propre savon pour les mains

You can also create your own personal hand soap using your favourite essential oils. Not only will this fill your bathroom with a pleasant aroma every time you wash your hands, but it’ll also leave your hands smelling delicious.

Simply take Castile soap, mix in some water and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. We love using lavender oil as it creates a mild, gentle scent which gives a relaxing feeling every time you wash your hands. You can experiment with mixing different oils together to give your soap the perfect aroma.  


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