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An interview with Cynthia Tamlyn

Safety through smell: An interview with Cynthia Tamlyn

We all want to feel safe, and Cynthia Tamlyn believes that aromatherapy has the power to do just that. She’s got the experience to back up this belief, and she’s seen just how much of an impact the right scent can have on children and adults.

An interview with Cynthia Tamlyn

Interested in finding out how essential oils enhance feelings of safety? Cynthia tells us all about reclaiming happiness using your sense of smell.

Using aromatherapy to support childhood trauma survivors

Cynthia Tamlyn has a resume as long as your arm!

She’s a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and the founder, owner and principal aromatherapist of OilisticAromatherapy.com. She’s also a professional member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapy.

But Cynthia says that her real passion is supporting survivors of paediatric trauma.

In her work as a first-level paediatric professional, her goal is to help her patients take their power back. She says “[helping survivors] achieve long-term health and happiness” is her goal, and safety is her no. 1 principle.

“I’m a lifelong student, and I integrate the work of neuroscientists, trauma researchers and aromatherapy science to support my clients' emotional wellness and [offer a] sense of safety through customised aromatherapy blends.”

Turning negative experiences into positive outcomes

Cynthia says that her first real experience with essential oils was actually the result of her falling into the network marketing hype surrounding them a few years ago. She was desperate to find help for one of her kids, so she purchased an oil kit.

She admits that she then spent thousands of dollars on various essential oils. She also mentions listening to propaganda like “if you have a strong response to a particular scent, then that’s the one you need.” Cynthia says she no longer even uses the term “essential oils”, preferring “volatile aromatic oils” instead.

Cynthia’s turning point was the result of a seizure brought on by a company’s negligent recommendations for using oils. “At that time, I’d been working ... within the holistic healthcare community for almost 20 years. I knew that anything that was potentially helpful also had a great potential for being harmful if used improperly.”

The nearly catastrophic seizure she suffered was due to a lack of instructions, and it’s why she went on to complete her aromatherapy certification.

Practising aromatherapy with respect and care

Cynthia is a dedicated environmentalist. This, and with the fact that she knows how much botanical matter goes into making essential oils, means she uses her oils sparingly and with respect.

She keeps a double-sealed bottle of lavender oil in her fridge for burns and has also created a balm to address her chronic pain issues.

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Perfect pairings for essential oils

Cynthia says that essential oils fit in very well with many facets of her life, including:

  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Fitness routine
  • Méditation
  • Yoga 

She doesn’t recommend the consumption of oils and will only allow essential oils to be used in a massage by therapists who are properly trained to use them.

Cynthia’s top essential oil pick

Cynthia Tamlyn holding Helichrysum flowers

We asked Cynthia whether she had a favourite essential oil and why, to which she replied, “That’s like asking a grandparent to pick their favourite grandchild!”

She did, however, say that she uses “a lot of high ester oils” and Helichrysum italicum, sometimes known as the curry plant. Cynthia says she adores it because of its broad range of benefits and how wonderfully it supports the nervous system.

The benefits of a broadening community

The most exciting thing happening in the aromatherapy world right now, according to Cynthia, is the community coming together under Rhiannon Lewis’ ICAN and Emily Carpenter’s 2022 AromaSummit.

She says, “I’m also thrilled with the leadership and dedication to science from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.”

Trust the professionals!

Cynthia has some amazing advice for newcomers to the world of essential oils:

  • Be very discerning of the information you come across, as not all of it is based on solid science.
  • Consult with a professional practising aromatherapist before you start buying or using essential oils.
  • Before you buy anything, check the “About” section of the author/owner.

Connect with Cynthia online

The best way to connect with Cynthia is through her website OilisticAromatherapy.com. “You can send general inquiries through my Contact Me page or complete a new client intake form and I will reach out to you,” she invites us.

To sum it all up

In closing, Cynthia states, “I can’t stress enough how important it is that, with essential oils, less is more. That's why it's critically important to work with someone who understands the way essential oils work.”

Safety first, always

Cynthia Tamlyn is a strong advocate for safety - for using essential oils to enhance your feelings of safety and for using them in a safe way, too. She understands the power and potential of essential oils and puts them to good use in her private and professional life.

Inspired to do the same? Volant has a superb range of 100% organic essential oils and high quality diffusers that can help you to improve your happiness and well-being.

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Curieux de savoir ce que les huiles essentielles peuvent vous apporter ?


experience positive effects within 90 days of buying volant essential oils and diffusers.

TrustScore 4.7 | 1000+ reviews